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The whole idea of the Pretty Marc concept started when the lead guitarist in a Helsinki based rock n’ roll coverband I play in, called Seven Mugs, decided to leave. We desperately needed a good replacement and my wife came up with the brilliant idea of me contacting a collegue of hers who was very passionate about music.
I gave Patrick a call and even though he already played in a couple of other bands he was more than interested in giving Seven Mugs a shot.
Since the day he joined up, both Patick Sinervo and myself, Marc Aulén realized that we had something in common beyond Seven Mugs; We both had a huge ambition in making our own music.
Our first step with Pretty Marc was to finish off a song I wrote for my wife (Song for Sue) after twenty great years together. We had a talented producer help us put it together. Thanks Totte Rautiainen for helping out. Great job!


After we finished Song for Sue we started working on new songs, me working on the lyrics and some basic chords and Patu spinning his magic, putting meat on the bones and bringing everything to life. At an early stage we understood eachother. Our working process in Pretty Marc is carefree, fun, fast and above all super creative!


Only time will tell what the future has in store for Pretty Marc. If we get gigs, domestic or international we'll be on cloud nine! Then again if we don't, we won't loose any sleep over it, knowing we gave it our best shot!

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